Jodie Addison - Warragul Victoria Australia

Personal Information:

Off Season Weight 61kg

Height: 165cm

Gym Train At: Body & Soul Traralgon

Business/Own Gym: Superfit boxing - 19 Albert Street Warragul.

Sponsors: Superfit Boxing- Personal Training Studio Warragul

First Competition will be in May at the Natural Mania May 28th 2011. Stay tune for a competition report!

As a teenager growing up, I was always heavily involved in sports, including athletics, hockey, netball, equestrian, but it was due to a nasty horse riding incident that eventually led me competing in BMX. After being hospitalised one day after a heavy fall, my parents decided that I would have to tag along to watch my brothers compete at a BMX meeting. I believe I did this twice reluctantly before deciding that "If I was to be here anyway, I may as well join in!" This was to the utmost disgust of my youngest brother who had to share his bike with me! At only my first meeting I took home a 3rd place trophy! I instantly developed a love and passion for the sport and over a 9 year period obtained a sponsorship and became a state, national, and world title holder. I have retired since then after being inducted into the VBMXA Hall of Fame and having accomplished all that I had set out to achieve.

I attended uni, got maried and had 3 children but along the way put aside my health and fitness to the bottom of the pile and put all else before me. Such as being a mum! My confidence and self esteem dropped below rock bottom and in hindsight that was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Following the birth of my second child and after relocating to Warragul to work in my husbands family business, I decided it was time to turn my lifestyle around.

I had been a regulare at the local gym in Warrigul poutr and articipating in many of the classes when I decided a career in personal training after doing a few sessions with PT and got the taste of boxing.

After four years I found myself in another challenge after my breakdown with my marriage. No job, no car, a mortgage and feeling alone it felt that I was at the lowest. I had to focus on something I was passionate and at this piont it was sink or swim and thats when I commenced Boxing for Fitness in 2008 at a local gym two nights a week which eventually grew to 4 times a week and then nervously took on this business full time.

I have had the pleasure of seeing clients transform before my eyes. Mid way through last year I purchased Oxygen Magazine and that is where I saw an advertisement for a bodybuilding competition and thought I could do that!

I contacted Maria McCarter (president of the ANB Victoria) through facebook and told her I was looking for a trainer to take me to a new level. She introduced me to Body & Sould in Traralgon adn I was welcomed with loving open arms by Lynne (owner) and Marnie (PT and VP of ANB Victoria)

I have always had a super competitive nature and thrive for a challenge. I have set myself some hight goals. which I know are achievable, if i maintain the right attitude adn work hard.

What life has presented me since hardship invaded my world is that we are all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I can see where my life has been and where I am now and I know that I hae achieved what I have because of the belief I have maintained in myself. I have also learnt that it is paramount that we surround ourselves with positivity and like minded people. .

Jodie has registered and will be competing at the upcomong Natural Mania May 28th 2011 and we look foward to seeing your successes Jodie. You are already a winner what ever you place and have what it takes your clients are so lucky to have a trainer like yourself. I recently read an article on one of your clients that went on to lose a great deal of weight 68kgs to be exact adn how you supported her in changing her life. Her words about you were that "Jodie is friendly, encouraging, non judgemental, and has taught me to believe in myself and helped me realise my true capabilities. I am no longer worried about what people think. I am enjoying life for the first time." With a trainer like Jodie you can achieve anything well done Jodie!!!..... Maria - ANB Victoria