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ANB Victoria Members Do Us Proud At The UFE Worlds!

Congratulations to Sarah Taylor for her recent win at the ANB UFE World Championships! 1st physique, 2nd figure. ANB Victoria met Sarah has a me

Life Lessons My Generation Learnt From ROCKY Movies

 Let me share my key lessions from the cult hit ROCKY movies

Are You Ready... World Championships This Sunday

Are you ready for "The Grandest Stage of them All" in natural fitness THIS Sunday! The UFE World Championships will bring together the best natural fi

Season A 2015, let's do this!

Continuing on from where I last left off (previous blog) to hear a “yay or nay” to prep for season A 2015. After my Novice Figure comp at Natural Mani

Eric Kydd - ANB Victoria Bodybuilding Overall Champion

Goals For The Future: WIn divisioin at Nationals Compete Internationally Eventually become a natural pro. Favourite Quote: "Be Proud But Never Sa

Action, Lights and Camera!

Once you’ve changed your body, you can coast without losing that fitness level. It’s a lot better to cut back on exercise and maintain what you’ve g

Ready for my second dose - Fitness Mania 2015

Apologies to followers that I didn't in fact follow up post comp with a blog. My immune system got hit for a six and I ended up with tummy flu for two

Get The Edge With Lindy Olsen November 23rd in Victoria!

You have the opportunity to hear Lindy Olsen speak on Diet from 1.30pm - 3pm for just $49.95 and with the one time offer of bring a friend for FREE!!!

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